Meet "Ollie", the first van, printed on a 3D printer

the Potential of the human mind is limitless. Every day talented people invent something new, beautiful and useful. Today we offer you to pay attention to new achievement of engineering, which was presented by the company Local Motors.

a New miracle of technology

the Minibus runs on electricity and is completely safe for the environment. This miracle of technology is designed with supercomputer IBM Watson uses cognitive technology. Then the scheme brought to a 3D printer and printed "Ollie".

the Minibus "Ollie" is a clever self-driving vehicle. He chooses the safe route.
other allies you can call using a special app, and people can ask him in the right direction.

to Talk and drink some coffee

the Main purpose of the minibus, of course — to transport people. But the designers have also included the possibility to hold business meeting or a friendly meeting over a Cup of coffee.

the Capacity of the vehicle — up to 12 people. "Ollie" may suggest to passengers a restaurant, or attraction for the tourist route.

the Team who designed the bus, and promised that you can not be afraid of "rise of the machines", because all the movements online to constantly monitor the operators. Yes, and the "Ollie" knows how to talk, so, it is always possible to negotiate. Agree, he is very cute and functional. Perhaps in the near future it will be easier to move around the city due to the fact that it appears on all roads.