How to aromatize a ring from a tree?

How to aromatize a ring from a tree?
I thought this idea was very interesting, and I decided to try it.
The experiment was a success, the result - the ring has not lost its flavor for more than a month.
I share with you how I did it. Very simple.

master class, needlework, own hands, creativity

You will need:

1. Wooden decoration or something else wooden, which needs to be flavored.
In this master class is a ring made on my sketch by Alexander Zhernovsky (prombert). His works are presented at the Fair of Masters.

2. Glass container with a tight-fitting lid, which will fit you the selected object.

3. Essential oil or several different oils.
What we do:
Take the ring and put it in a glass container. We drip directly into the container, not to the ring, 2-3 drops of the essential oil you have chosen. Tightly close the lid. We put in a dark, dry place in the room. I wrapped it in a wool sock. Every 3 days we get out of a dark place and shake it. After 3 weeks of such a process - the ring can be removed and worn. But , it is important, prophylactically, to put the ring back into the same container to maintain the fragrance. This is not at all difficult if you choose a glass in the form of a miniature casket or a mini-bubble with a thick neck. Ring will be nice to return there.
You can keep the product and more than 3 weeks, the main thing is not less.
You can sometimes forget to shake it, it's not critical.
It is necessary to choose with care the aroma oil.
Find literature on essential oils, find out what kind of action this or that oil has. What oils should be used with caution on the skin. Literature on the topic of aromatherapy is on the Internet. For example, Mirgorodskaya's book.
Do not add a lot of drops, it can be dangerous. For example, mint oil in the process of wearing a finger ring on the finger can burn the skin. Before aromatizing your subject, perform an allergy test on your skin.
In general, this is a very simple master class, but the result is personally very pleasing to me!