How to make a bright keychain "Pacifik

Today we will make a beautiful and bright keychain "Pacifik". 
I did it about an hour. From plywood, also used gouache and acrylic lacquer. 
Dimensions: thickness - 10mm, diameter - 5.5cm.

1. Print out the template and paste it on the plywood.


2. Drill holes.

Stronger press the veneer and drill at high speeds. And then you will get clean holes.


3. We cut out. 
Saw on the Jet Jet JSS 16, nail files Niqua Speed ​​number 3.


4. Grind it.

First, nazhdachkoy with a large grain, then smaller, and nadilyom remove "burrs."

beautiful gift

5. We color it with gouache.

Here everything is pretty clear, the main thing is to get the colors brighter!


6. For a brighter picture, we make white "splashes".

With the help of this simple thing, we inflate and get those very "splashes" :)


7. Cover with a thick layer of varnish.


8. The result:


Good luck in the creative process!