Secrets of the Tula universe. Lesson 6: inlaying the product with other materials

In addition to decorating the product with a strip of metal, the master gunsmiths, based on the fragment of the drawing, made some of them (leaves, petals, flowers, etc.) from lighter wood (maple, birch), mother-of-pearl or ivory
(which in the old days was used more often).

Inserts from other material are produced by the technology of inlay and intarsia of wood - with technologies you can learn independently, and I'll tell you how, working with river mother of pearl and ivory, I perform the manufacture and installation of inserts.

The figure on the workpiece consists of 4 elements of butterfly wings and a bud to which it is directed. I put the tracing paper on the picture and draw on it the elements of the altar in which I will later insert mother-of-pearl (in my works I usually use river perlovitsy - I harvest them on the bank of the Oka River in summer).

Bokorezami for rough work dividing the perlovitsy on the parts corresponding to the dimensions of the inserted elements (of course a little larger, to be able to grind to the true size).
Scissors for manicure (with bent ends) cut elements from the pattern on the tracing paper and paste them on the surface of the mother-of-pearl blank from the rear (non-transversal) side. If the pieces of the perlovitsa are large and strongly protrude beyond the edges of the glued element - I remove the excess carefully by biting them with side cutters for rough work,

master class, creativity

And then with abrasive blocks I grind the edges of the perlace to the contours on the tracing paper.


Attention please ! Work with parliament should be done accurately, without exerting great effort in grinding. 1. Handheld mother-of-pearl is a fragile material. 2.Polyverivaniyu during processing. 3. Dust from mother-of-pearl is harmful to the lungs - it is desirable to work in a respirator.
After the inserts are ready, I take the workpiece after finishing, and in the places of future inserts I apply (sequentially) the elements from mother-of-pearl, I contour their contours with the tip of the needle, remove the mother-of-pearl; I cut the holes in the outlined lines, and then select the wood inside with a small chisel contours - I make a nest insert.

own hands

I fill it with two-thirds of the glue (mostly PVA) and install an insert in it and so on until I fix everything.

If, when installing the insert, there is a gap between the insert and the previously cut line of the contour of the element, I fill it with a mixture of dusty sawdust of the wood with the PVA glue (Secret No. 11). Surplus of the mixture after 10-15 minutes of drying I remove with a scalpel blade, and then gently smear these places with wax mastic or simply wipe with a wool cloth, which removed excess mastic from the workpiece during finishing.