Do I need to change the fluid in the power steering?

the steering provides control controllability of your car. If it fails, you certainly will feel it: the machine will simply cease to obey you on the road. To no problems, it is important to make timely maintenance to the power steering. Do I need to change the fluid in this? Definitely, and it is bound to.

What manufacturers say?

Many automakers make recommendations regarding the replacement fluid in the power steering. In theory, you can and does not do, but simply when you need to pour a little oil. However, it is important to think about safety and make an informed decision.
oil change is necessary for the reason that it is constantly heated during operation of the vehicle. Changes in temperature change the physical properties of the substance, and so you can feel that when driving the machine stops to listen to you. If this characteristic is already evident, check the condition of used oil. Take a few drops and drip on a white sheet of paper. If the fluid is opaque, clearly marked darkening and unpleasant smell of burning, it's time to change it.

What kind of oil to choose

Mechanics are highly recommended to use when changing fluid in the power steering specially designed for this mineral oil. It is suitable for almost all models of passenger cars and SUVs.
If there was a need to replace fluid in the power steering for the technical transport, in this case, it is appropriate to use synthetic substances. Just be sure to read the instructions to the composition, since the manufacturer shall specify possibility of use of its product for these purposes.
Worry about their own safety and to timely replace oil in the power steering of your car!