Aquatonus broke the speed record in the UK

the British speed record for a conventional bus was recently beaten an ecological bus, which goes to cow manure.

He was able to reach speeds of one hundred twenty-three kilometers per hour on the track in Bedfordshire, it was officially confirmed by the governmental control. Thus was broken the record.

Unusual bus

Covered with black-and-white pattern reminiscent of color cowhide the bus is called "the Hounds" and moves on biomethane produced by anaerobic bacteria digesting cow manure.

the Engine of the bus is a kind of bioreactor that uses several containers with compressed and liquefied manure.

This is an unusual, but very fuel efficient. Why the manure? Chief engineer John Bickerton reports that the goal was to create a transport based on renewable resources and destroy the stereotypes about buses as loud and slow vehicles.

the New model delivers impressive power. For the UK, its speed is really a record.

to get the record of global significance, listed in the Guinness Book, the bus will need to reach speeds of two hundred forty-one kilometers per hour.