These 10 new cars deserve to be waited

not all models are available in 2017, however information about them is already known: and appearance, and performance, and other details described. In short, no one model 2017 can not be surprised. Much more interesting to look further into the future and see what new items will appear in the automotive market in 2018! Particularly impressive in the sale will be not one worthy of the attention of a new car, perhaps they would be ten. Apparently, the 2018 season was a serious turning point for the industry. The market return of several classic models, designers reinterpreted according to modern conditions. The iconic machines of the last century will try to conquer the new century! It is worth noting the main trends in the automotive industry: high power, efficient fuel economy and improved performance. Probably, these new models are so impressive that everything still seems just the antiquities. So, if you want the car to look into the future, meet the ten models that will be presented to buyers in 2018.

Ford Bronco

After an absence in the market for over two decades, this model returns, but it involves a lot of mysteries. Whether it's a new version of the SUV, or another convenient crossover that mesh well with the existing at the moment the brand line? Or will it be an updated version of the Ford Everest? Only time can answer all these questions, but now you can only hope that this will be the an impressive SUV for the severe slopes on which all dream. In this case, the novelty is exactly guaranteed success in the market.

Ford Ranger

fans of the brand waiting for another new-to the market and returns compact pickup truck. But do not think that this is just another version of the machine, which is «Ford» sells already nineteen years old. It is not just old-fashioned truck in Spartan style, rather it is something that would be reminiscent of high-end models Colorado and GMC Canyon. It's safe to say that fans of this model will not be disappointed with novelty.

Chevrolet Equinox

once this model was a success, it is not surprising that her plan again to return to the market, this time in a more attractive option. The novelty will be two hundred pounds lighter than the previous version, will be equipped with a diesel engine and have a more fresh style. If you are planning to purchase a medium-sized crossover, you may want to wait for this model. However, in 2017 this plan cars will be too, so you can't torture yourself waiting, stopping the choice on products of another brand.

Dodge Challenger AWD

This new product from the American manufacturer at first glance no different from the version presented in 2008. However, the changes are there. The car will receive a full drive and a wider interior, which attracts attention. The design is reminiscent of the concept car GT, presented in 2015. This new product will be enough to please the fans in anticipation of the more original and unique models.

Cadillac XT7

the New “Cadillac” will get more power. It will be a crossover with three rows of seats, reminiscent of a similar model from "Chevrolet” and “Skylark”. Most likely, this model will be very popular among those who do not want to choose between quite compact SUVs and massive Escalade. Its optimal size and impressive power will certainly not disappoint.

Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Almost thirty years after the disappearance from the market of models, appropriate luxury crossover segment, “Jeep” decided to return to the sale the Grand Wagoneer to compete with «Mercedes» and «range Rover". The press has already got the first pictures of the new items – it looks rather massive, that already attracts attention. I wonder whether the new model to match his famous name and be successful? Only time will tell, waiting for the start of sales in about a year.

Jeep Wrangler

And another novelty-the most important news for the brand in 2018! After many years of hardship and gossip, this model still returns to the market. The basic details remain the same as before. It is still a quality, proven over the years. However, it will be more powerful, safer and with more attention paid to the comfort of the cabin. This combination of classic and innovation seems to be optimal.

Kia GT

the Path of the brand to success continues this innovation – functional luxury sedan, reminiscent of models from the “BMW”. The new model is created based on a concept car presented in 2011. it Is likely that it will hit the market in 2017. As with the previous models, this situation remains the same: it will be able same as its European competitors but at a lower price.

Volvo XC40

it Seems that the brand is experiencing a Renaissance. The next step to update will be this model. The concept car has already been presented, and the audience was conquered by its square shape and modern design. Most likely, the brand will be able to restore its position in the market and even win American buyers.

Nissan GT-R

This model has been extremely successful, but it already existed on the market for eleven years – it's time for a redesign. If you believe the rumors, the brand plans to create a real supercar of the new generation. The model 2018 will resemble the concept car Gran Turismo. It will be equipped with turbocharged six-cylinder engine similar to that used for the model to race at Le Mans in 2015. Moreover, the electric motor helps to deliver to each of the four wheels for more power. To abandon the existing model is not easy, but you better believe the next one will be even better.