These 8 cars are faster than they seem at first glance

In General, modern cars are much safer, more reliable and faster than ever before. Of course, some people think that the attempts of designers to make Toyota model Camry sports a ridiculous, and Dodge will never be too fast. But really, the fact remains that the models that appear in our day is boring, be much faster the Ferrari and Porsche of yesteryear. However, one speed might not be the reason for the choice of the car. There are models that stand out among the others and attract the attention of design. This car is able to surprise – he is much faster than it seems at first glance, but it looks quite traditional and is perfect for everyday use. Here is a list of the most impressive car of this type.

Buick Regal GS

this car manufacturer was not truly fast cars in the last thirty years. Everything changed this model – an impressive sports sedan that could compete with cars from Germany. Cars two hundred fifty-nine horsepower, to hundred kilometres per hour, he accelerates in 6.5 seconds – is quite high. You can't beat this car world speed record, but the ride will be very dynamic.

Honda Accord EX-L V6 coupe

while other companies prefer the safe way and release the medium size sedans, the Honda developers are not afraid to take risks and to Supplement its line of sporty style. This model, especially in picking “coupe”, it is able to conquer his speed. Equipped with an engine capacity of three and a half liters the machine is two hundred and seventy eight horsepower, six speeds and acceleration to a hundred kilometers in an impressive six seconds.

Rolls Royce Phantom

Dozens of years importantly, what did the developers of this brand about the performance of your car, was “is he on a high level”, but now the situation has changed. This machine is able to accelerate to a decent speed. Of course, she looks majestic and more like a home than nimble of the devil – but this kind of justifies the price of four hundred thousand dollars. Under the hood is deceptive in appearance the car is a twelve-cylinder engine, allowing “Phantom” to accelerate to hundreds of miles per hour in a stunning 5.7 seconds.

Kia K900

Originally, this car was offered to buyers as a traditional sedan - full-size, rear-wheel-drive and a big engine with eight cylinders. Serious enough the price is not allowed the model to become really popular, which is totally unfair-this Korean car can accelerate to a hundred kilometers per hour in five and a half seconds and has a capacity of four hundred and twenty horsepower.


last year it sold less than two thousand two hundred models – you are more likely to see on the way to work “Porsche”, than this underrated model. However, it is hoped that the series will still be successful. Specifically this model – the fastest that you can buy in this range. It is equipped with two electric motors, capable of developing good power in three hundred and seventy seven horsepower. The car accelerates to a hundred kilometers per hour shockingly quickly – in just 5.3 seconds. However, the design of the car is slightly inferior to other models with the same capacity.

Mercedes-Benz GL63 AMG

At first glance, this large model from «Mercedes» it seems the European alternative “Cadillac” in model Escalade. However, the developers are more focused on performance cars, so it is equipped with three-liter engine with six cylinders and a capacity of five hundred seventy-seven horsepower. A car weighing two and a half tons accelerates to a hundred kilometers per hour for a stunning four and a half seconds! Basic equipment will cost you a hundred and twenty-four thousand dollars. Of course, for the same amount you can choose another model, however this car will be one of the fastest in this price range.


This model refers to those cars that make you think even fans of this brand. Sloping roof makes it not too practical crossover, and the height makes the car an elegant or convenient. Frankly, there are many much more successful in terms of design models of the German company. Nevertheless, it should be noted the genius of the engineers of the brand – under the hood of the car five hundred sixty-seven horsepower allowing it to accelerate to a hundred kilometers per hour in exactly four seconds. Maybe this machine is not too beautiful, but she's definitely quick.

Tesla Model S P90D

This model is one of the best designs among all models of Tesla. Looking at it, it is extremely difficult to believe that this machine, weighing more than two tons can be so powerful. Thanks to a pair of electric motors it is distinguished by seven hundred ninety-one horsepower. Machine develops a hundred kilometers per hour in 2.8 seconds.