How to save money on buying a car? Find out effective methods

This has happened to many: you want to buy a car, but I don't even know where to start. Maybe you make a purchase for the first time and maybe last time you seriously deceived and you're just afraid. Whether you want just to go to the dealer and talk to him? To buy or to lease? Maybe you need to buy through a middleman? There are many questions associated with buying the machine, however, there is something that you will be able to understand – what will be the price. Correct tactics will allow you to get the best value! If you are interested in saving, pay attention to these tips.

Always ask for a minimum price

When you first begin to discuss the cost with the seller, do not disclose your budget or the amount you are willing to pay. On this basis, the seller may begin to inflate the price and give you a deliberately high price with which it would be quite possible to make a discount. Better don't call any numbers, share only vague information. Say what you're looking for the lowest price possible you need economical buying and that you just want to find out about the best offer. If you must name a specific amount, tell me the price of ten to twenty percent lower than that which can be seen in the ads.

don't settle for additional suggestions

Any additional suggestion relates to methods for the dealer to earn more money. Really important features are present in the machines for free. All the other options like the heated seats or heated steering wheel is usually too expensive, they are not needed, but you will try to impose. Moreover, in the auto shows I think that machine without additional functions less attractive, so they regularly have discounts. Choose a car, as it is the best way to find the lowest price.

do Not order additional warranty

Guarantee bring huge profit to the dealers. All additional guarantees and services earned the bulk of the money, but remember: many cars and so are supplied with a standard warranty. The likelihood that you'll need some additional service, still tends to zero. To pay for this service have a lot. Do not fall for these tricks marketers – avoid unnecessary spending with a waiver of all additional guarantees.

do not Speak with the seller and with the Manager

the Seller is the only mediator who establishes contact between the buyer and the Manager in the store. Try to communicate directly with the Manager, tell him to buy a car right now and want to go directly to an important conversation. Remember that it works for you, and wants you to leave his office with the keys to the car. If you speak directly, the result is more advantageous for you, since you don't have to spend time to listen to all the extra offers and learn about promotions that do not concern you.

Try to get maximum information before purchase

Finally, remember that it is important to prepare for the purchase. You must know all the features of the desired car. If you behave confidently, relevant to you the seller will be different. Confidence during negotiations is the key to success.