Most beneficial how to insure a car?

it is difficult to understand how is the insurance cost of the car. Why do different people get different offers for insurance? Why do some people have huge expenses? There is a complex formula for determining rates. If you try to understand, you will be able to influence the offer price. For all those for whom economy is important, this is a serious reason to consider the information in the list. It turns out that insurance is based on risks – remember this. The lower the risk and the safer you behave on the road, the less you will pay and cheaper rate. Reduce risks and get a lower price!

Choose the right car: safer machine – lower price

Different cars require different rates for insurance. Choose the most secure car to save money on insurance. It's important to understand that each car insurance includes individual nuances. Repairing «Mercedes» more than «Toyota», so that insurance will be more expensive. Consider the interest rates for each vehicle and remember that overpaying for him, you provide yourself and more costly insurance.

Women are paid less – they are more attentive drivers

Apparently, women are less risky behind the wheel. Affects many other factors, but this – is quite interesting. Statistics show that women are much more attentive driving, and therefore, they pay for the insurance much less.

Age also plays a role: the more experienced people – more attentive driver

Drivers aged sixteen to twenty five pay a lot more than all other age groups. Young men pay more than young girls. When the driver is twenty-six, the cost stabiliziruemost and does not change until retirement age if there are no individual characteristics. Seniors pay a little more, but still not so much as in the case of young people.

Never drive intoxicated

Try to never get behind the wheel while intoxicated. So not only can you lose your license and face serious challenges, but also will raise my insurance cost. After you commit a traffic violation or get into an accident, you can generally refuse coverage, but if her and will offer have to pay very much. Besides, some companies do not compensate for the damage that was received by the driver due to intoxication. Now you can always go by taxi, so don't even think about how to get behind the wheel drunk.

Pay attention to discounts for corporate or business

There are many corporate or corporate discounts for insurance. Sometimes you can get a package deal, that will also be profitable. There are even insurers that offer discounts to members of particular professions.

act on the road with caution – this is the best way to save

the Insurance company takes into account how big the chance of your getting into an accident. If you do not violate traffic rules, you get a much better price.