7 places in the world with the incredible natural energy

In the world there are many stunning places, but there are a few places with incredible natural energy. They can infiltrate your mind and soul, giving you such energy that you never could feel.
Many people seek their spirituality in nature. Throughout our world there are some places charged powerful energy, which are considered spiritual and sacred.


the City of Sedona (Arizona) is known worldwide as a spiritual resort, and one of the most famous places with a strong natural power. Thanks to some local healers, artists and spiritual mentors, Sedona displays some of the most amazing abilities of our planet.
the town is home To amazing red rock scenery and evergreen vegetation is bright. Reddish-orange color of the rocks stimulates the brain. This impressive color contributes to decision-making and improves creative thinking.
Amazing trails offered to visit some of the greatest energy places that are perfect for prayer and contemplation.

Saint Augustine FL

St. Augustine is the oldest city in the United States. It is believed that this ancient city. Many people visit this place to see the outstanding architecture, beautiful landscapes and sparkling beaches of the Atlantic coast.
Also among the local visitors are those who became eyewitnesses of paranormal phenomena.
it is said that in many places in Saint Augustine there are spirits that chose to stay and never leave this place.

the Vatican

it is believed that St. Peter is located directly over the great tomb of the Apostle. According to ancient writings, St. Peter was martyred in 64 ad in the stadium known as the circus of Nero. He asked them to crucify him upside down, so as not to imitate Christ. Old Egyptian obelisk at St. Peter's square.

Omaha beach

There is a silence that fills the air on this so-called cemetery of Normandy. Freshly cut lawns stretch along the fields, tombstones, crosses and stars of David.
In this region, many people sacrificed their lives for their own Patriotic ideas. Some battlefields have a special Holiness, and Omaha beach is also considered a place with strong natural power.

crater Lake, Oregon

crater Lake is said to be the global concentration of energy forces. It is also stated that in this place there is healing clay, not to mention the powerful vortices surrounding the pond. Crater lake was created almost 8,000 years ago on the site of a catastrophic collapse of the volcano Mazama.
the depth of the lake is more than 60 m. This is, in fact, the deepest in the United States and seventh in the depths of our planet's the lake.
its History includes the legend, which refers to the Rulers of the upper World and the Ruler of the Lower World, who fought in the battle. This battle led to the terrible catastrophe-the eruption of the volcano.

Wat Phra That DOI Suthep, Chiang Mai

Thailand is a place with powerful natural energy, which is called Wat Phra That DOI Suthep. The heritage tells us that the king relied on the white elephant that possessed the magical power required to create the temple. People relied on animal. On his back laid a valuable relic and allowed to free way. Where the elephant began to trumpet, to walk in circles, and built this temple. Many of the followers followed the elephant, who climbed the mountain DOI Suthep. In the place where he died the elephant, the followers have created another temple.

ruby falls, Chattanooga, tn

In the world there is a wonderful waterfall located on 341 m below the peak of lookout mountain. The person who discovered the waterfall, Leo Lambert, named it in honor of his wife.
the mountains are the mysteries of the caves where you can encounter some of the most beautiful formations that you probably never knew. Inside you can see the inner beauty of the Earth and how she took such an interesting shape.

Resonant energy of our planet

On our beautiful planet there are so many places with powerful natural energy. We have described the parts that have passed the test of time. In these places millions of people have found inner peace and a sense of awe.
We can visit these incredible places and get a powerful energy. In our opinion, this worldly heaven, and that's fine.
From the peaks of huge mountains to the houses of the earliest ancestors – everywhere we find the peace of mind. Many cultures and civilizations have grown to specific geographic areas that do not interfere people. These areas played a decisive role in their lives.
You have found a place of power, which awakens your spirituality? Where you feel in peace? Almost everyone has a place where he can be separated from the rapidly developing world in which we live, and to be alone with beautiful nature, to dwell in peace and harmony.