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Tsunamifualt today at 08:06

what a beautiful mumrik~!
HELLO!! It's been way too long since I've posted here! I have an Instagram account that I am very active on, though! @TenderManChild! If you're subscribed to me here, make sure you come over to insta and say hi! I'd love to talk to some of ya'll!!
It's been a hot minute, how goes life? Talk to me, Huns.
series: Moominvalley, The Moomins

DocTenebrisXII yesterday at 00:12

Have a family of fire foxes :p
a mother and her four children
fun fact: they all have the Cut attack and summon a weapon when they use it

They are (from left to right):
Kirari, the mother
Allistar, the oldest son (cursed so he hadn't evovled yet)
Alsacia, the second daughter
Akem, the third son
Anis, the last daughter

Andreea 18 October at 21:24

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