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Potaco_nugget today at 19:22

So like i um.. made them into a species called chinou..(che-noy)
So imma spam with information!

Chinou are a small species of dog like creatures, they are soulmate and companion animals, possessing magic abilities of things like teleportation and such, heres some stuff

Soulmates- the second most important thing to these creatures. They will find a soulmate being another chinou or a different species,which will make a more verity of chinou! They will give live birth and what they have chosen t...
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Angelina ✡ Devonshire ✡ Cнan today at 19:53 ooo fancy. can they turn into hooman form and such?

BluesDeQueer today at 17:15

Hii! I have forget to post it! This is my medievalsona uwu
A prince'ess, strong but,,, cute?




Instagram: chooz.ana

#cute #pink #pinkhair #traditional #medieval #persona #uwu

nonsencekitty14 yesterday at 23:35

sorry i haven't been uploading anything in a while. i've been sick for a week and the other times i was just busy with some work and/or being lazy. so here have a new fursona of mine!

Name: box
Species: unknown
personality: mostly kind/shy but can get pretty unaproachable; a little bit saddistic.
Gender: gender fluid
Sexuality: hasn't descided yet
Nationality: lithuanian
Fave color: green, white and black
Least fave color: pink
Likes: BOXES, building box forts, tulips, TEA LOTS OF TEA, drawing,...
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nonsencekitty14 today at 12:50 Angelina ✡ Devonshire ✡ Cнan, yes tea just like me
Angelina ✡ Devonshire ✡ Cнan today at 17:10 nonsencekitty14, FBI OPEN UP GIMME THE TEA
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