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Potaco_nugget today at 19:22

So like i um.. made them into a species called chinou..(che-noy)
So imma spam with information!

Chinou are a small species of dog like creatures, they are soulmate and companion animals, possessing magic abilities of things like teleportation and such, heres some stuff

Soulmates- the second most important thing to these creatures. They will find a soulmate being another chinou or a different species,which will make a more verity of chinou! They will give live birth and what they have chosen t...
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Angelina ✡ Devonshire ✡ Cнan today at 19:53 ooo fancy. can they turn into hooman form and such?

BluesDeQueer today at 17:15

Hii! I have forget to post it! This is my medievalsona uwu
A prince'ess, strong but,,, cute?




Instagram: chooz.ana

#cute #pink #pinkhair #traditional #medieval #persona #uwu

nonsencekitty14 yesterday at 23:35

sorry i haven't been uploading anything in a while. i've been sick for a week and the other times i was just busy with some work and/or being lazy. so here have a new fursona of mine!

Name: box
Species: unknown
personality: mostly kind/shy but can get pretty unaproachable; a little bit saddistic.
Gender: gender fluid
Sexuality: hasn't descided yet
Nationality: lithuanian
Fave color: green, white and black
Least fave color: pink
Likes: BOXES, building box forts, tulips, TEA LOTS OF TEA, drawing,...
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nonsencekitty14 today at 12:50 Angelina ✡ Devonshire ✡ Cнan, yes tea just like me
Angelina ✡ Devonshire ✡ Cнan today at 17:10 nonsencekitty14, FBI OPEN UP GIMME THE TEA

Dary Redblossom yesterday at 21:09

#sketch #art

BluesDeQueer yesterday at 19:57

Hi everybody!! I have made another Riverdale Fanart! This is Joaquin this time!




Instagram: chooz.ana

#fanart #riverdale #male #art #drawing #cool

bunzart yesterday at 00:15

Shading Practice

Potaco_nugget 18 August at 21:10

Its me, tall glass of depression here i havent been posting much i sory ;3;
But heres my new bagel HELP ME NAME HIM
Misty Devonshire today at 14:52 Potaco_nugget, Alrighty. Isaac, Alex, Blade, Mike, Romen, Rage, and Cotton because he seems flUFf
Misty Devonshire today at 14:52 Angelina ✡ Devonshire ✡ Cнan, Nice name.
Angelina ✡ Devonshire ✡ Cнan today at 17:11 Misty Devonshire, i like cute things :P ((i thought of Cotton but its overused~))

Misty Devonshire 18 August at 15:27

If you actually ask me, I think that those scars look good on her.
Angelina ✡ Devonshire ✡ Cнan today at 17:13 Misty Devonshire, I like the shading tho~
Misty Devonshire today at 18:48 Angelina ✡ Devonshire ✡ Cнan, Oh I was trying to use the old way I used to do the shading.

MayJuneJulyApril 18 August at 12:02

FNAF Ghost puppet Baby soul

Angel Zarathos true form He looks old
The way someone dies in this Au or FNAF influences their traits
Squise me is it wrong to say that babys an rather thick baby grew thick Eliibeth died in the torso so she ended up thick
messed up an bit of her stomach lines and couldn't keep to the creepy endo mouth lines oh well maybe it's better this way didn't bother lining enard much he's mostly just an metal soul man combined thing with an bunch of masks
I drew this to make...
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DocTenebrisXII 18 August at 09:32

"Mirror Breakers"

Tiberio, Anabel and Furia wreaking havoc in a cult of Hedona, Mistress of Plasure with extreme prejudice xD

Hope you like this! ^^

characters belong to me and my Onirica project ^^

DocTenebrisXII 18 August at 21:21 Misty Devonshire, thanks xD