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Briowiix arttoon yesterday at 10:43

Lunatic scientists

Briowiix arttoon yesterday at 10:41

Lizard girl

MayJuneJulyApril 12 December at 19:13

True defensive fresh
#true_fresh #fresh_sans
Put it in the older pencils maybe I should make it an thing to make my fresh artwork outta older pencils

MayJuneJulyApril 12 December at 19:11

Devourers meet eachother

#galactus #sans_fresh #truefresh
I'm probabably not going to finish it galactus was an annoyance to draw.
I got ink and tobyfox to meet stanlee in my art allmost forgotten cameo Stan lee meet Tobyfox

I may be to lazy to finish it But fresh is meeting Galactus I hope you can read it but basically galactus some how steps on truefresh and spares him due to if he did kill him that'll be an bit hippocritical since he's eating whole planets

Also I imagine that the cosmic go...
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Oxlamon 12 December at 18:03


Oxlamon 11 December at 11:05


Oxlamon 10 December at 21:24

Nicci from pinktown.

Oxlamon 10 December at 21:13

This is Lola and Minna from pinktown.

3ØLegs 10 December at 15:49

King Plachacha is a gangsta

MayJuneJulyApril 10 December at 15:39

Okay it's on it's side again that's fine just fine
Flowey with his soul
#flowey_soul #flowey_the_flower #floweyundertale #ink_sans
Well I sore this at the back of this I forgot about it til now What I think the future of underverse is
I know I said that flowey is more likely to be able to handle an soul in this one please don't think I was being cruel but underverse ink gave me the impression of an kid being leaded around by bad people and making bad decisions because of it that's why I said get...
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