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FelinaTheDevil 28 June 2018 at 13:34

Fabulous template from here: http://soupery.tumblr.com/post/154335943959/i-never-know-what-to-do-with-the-body-when-i-do

This is Theon “Theo” Lawson, a half-incubus. He’s in his incubus form here: his human form has dark skin and charcoal eyes.
Luna ✡ Saphiran 28 June 2018 at 16:09 uhhh... those reference poses aren't a base..and u kinda traced over it....

FelinaTheDevil 08 June 2018 at 00:46

Quick drawing I did with my iPad app Tayasui Sketches. Succubus maybe?

FelinaTheDevil 10 January 2018 at 11:57

For #wachone challenge. Drawing hands is not my thing ???? I did my Undertale oc Keary, but replaced her katana with a dagger.

FelinaTheDevil 10 January 2018 at 02:12

A quick cover drawing for a new Undertale FanFiction I’m coming up with. The soul is actually Keary’s, one of my Undertale ocs. She was created by Gaster (monster soul infused with Justice), and after seeing him turn into something terrible in the Void, Keary believes that he, along with his creations, is dangerous to the timelines. Thus, Keary is doing her twisted sense of justice by killing anyone who is a threat to the timelines- mainly the Sans’, Papyrus’ and Frisk’s.

FelinaTheDevil 05 January 2018 at 09:12

Meet my three Undertale Ocs: Keary, Naida and Vallen ????✍????
FelinaTheDevil 09 January 2018 at 11:04 InkObsessedFreak, Thank you! ????

FelinaTheDevil 03 January 2018 at 01:20

Just a quick finger drawing before I go to work :)

FelinaTheDevil 02 January 2018 at 09:34

Just got a note to join from DeviantArt. Hello! ^.^

Here’s something I just created: