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MysterizMadi 18 April at 00:26

So, when I was in 6th grade, my language arts/reading class did a horror story competition. I wrote a story about a boy and his mother hanging out, when the power goes out. They then went around the house lighting candles. The Mother told the boy not to light the candle in the nursery, but he forgot what she told him and ended up lighting it. After lighting the candle he heard his moms scream and the story ended. I wanted the story to be longer and include a ghost that use to be his baby sister,...
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MysterizMadi 04 April at 01:25


MysterizMadi 29 March at 03:35
I've created a new Discord ( I promise not to delete it this time),
I'm doing a special Minecraft thing, and I'm looking for 2 people.
So, If you have a Xbox live account, Minecraft, and you are one of the first people to join the Discord, then you can join my world in Minecraft and be in my Discord streams. I'm only taking 2 people.
I hope someone at least wants to play Minecraft with me.

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MysterizMadi 27 January at 02:30

I made these small foods for my doll

MysterizMadi 25 January at 04:04

Okay, so, my last post was of a doll I made. The day I posted that, something happened, and now it's in pieces (I need to string it back together). So, I deleted it. Dismissing that, today I finished sculpting a smaller doll. (Next post I might try posting it from my phone so the picture is better quality) For the smaller doll, I made the head myself, This is how it turned out. I will post a picture of the full doll once I string it together. Also, My birthday is coming up. I don't know if there...
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MysterizMadi 12 January at 02:35

I drew these charecters today

MysterizMadi 22 December 2019 at 20:04

Henlo it is me AngelMadi555. I got a new laptop and forgot my password for my other user so I created a new one.