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DocTenebrisXII 18 August at 09:32

"Mirror Breakers"

Tiberio, Anabel and Furia wreaking havoc in a cult of Hedona, Mistress of Plasure with extreme prejudice xD

Hope you like this! ^^

characters belong to me and my Onirica project ^^

DocTenebrisXII 18 August at 21:21 Misty Devonshire, thanks xD

DocTenebrisXII 14 August at 23:45

A comission for this guy:

My characters, Adala and Flare, racing with a character of his, Circe, who apparently came out of some other universe to challenge my Estirge girls, who wouldn't miss the chance to prove themselves against an unsual visitor. Circe and Adala are very close, while Flare is a little behind, who may win in the end, though? XD

Drawing cars is so damn hard xD also, wanted to use the chance to experiment with more effects and also to get at least...
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DocTenebrisXII 08 August at 08:01

Have a very angry witch :V

Anabel the Witch of Warth is my creation and belongs to my Onirica Universe :D

Hope you like her xD

DocTenebrisXII 07 August at 02:38

Comisión para un amigo :V

Los personajes no me pertenecen, pero el arte sí

Comission for a friend :V

Characters are not mine, but the art is mine xD

DocTenebrisXII 28 July at 08:18

Something crazy to commemorate Peru's Independence Day :D


An Amaru or Dragon Llama! :D
A Danzaq or Scissor Dancer (Some crazy mix between shaman, wizard, cleric and dancer :V)
A Vizcacha, the cute little rodent imitating the Danzaq xD
An Andean Vixen, because foxes are cute :V
And The Supay, the Andean Demon

I Hope you like this x)

DocTenebrisXII 19 July at 05:09

Is something happening in the page? sometimes, when I click on somewhere (Main, Subscribes, or the space for comments, etc) another webpage opens, as if there were hidden pop-ups in those buttons... or do I have a virus? D:
Aleksandr 20 July at 07:33 i'm removed this, guys!
DocTenebrisXII 20 July at 07:53 Aleksandr, awesome! :D

DocTenebrisXII 13 July at 08:16

be careful where you step :V

Anabel the witch, Tiberio the werewolf and Furia the Daemon belong to the Onirica universe, which belongs to me :D

DocTenebrisXII 09 July at 06:56

Something random with pokemon and a pair of oc :D because there is too much to be known to fully understand what's going on :P

But on general principle, this is what happens when you get close to a girl who has too many overprotective friends and family members xD
Misty Devonshire 12 July at 20:28 Angelina ✡ Devonshire ✡ Cнan, No.
Angelina ✡ Devonshire ✡ Cнan 12 July at 20:45 Misty Devonshire, yikes. now be alivveee
DocTenebrisXII 13 July at 03:29 Misty Devonshire, is a good, undeniably xD

DocTenebrisXII 02 July at 04:05

Have something perverted, you guys :V if this is too much, tell and I'll eliminate it

the cat-thing belongs to me, the red demon belongs to a friend of deviantart:
DocTenebrisXII 02 July at 23:43 Misty Devonshire, indeed... I'm going to avoid doing something like this in the future, though
DocTenebrisXII 02 July at 23:44 Potaco_nugget, the best question, then x)
Misty Devonshire 08 July at 00:13 DocTenebrisXII, Draw whatever you want, I have nothing towards art.

DocTenebrisXII 01 July at 01:02

I decided to paint this:…

from left to right:
Nahali, the Giant Lapin police officer
Dolce, the Sweet Daemon
Walker, the Human rogue wizard
Vance, the little kid, a elementary school student

Wanted to make a ref of sorts for these guys :D

all the characters belong to the Onirica universe, which is my creation!! :D