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DocTenebrisXII 08 October at 19:17

Savage Daemons, the most common threat to life in Onirica.... beware, reality failure, psychologicl scarring and oblivion ahead...

My first "spooky" entry for the Spooky month xD or, should I said that is actaully "creepy"? xD

also, made on ink because inktober :D
DocTenebrisXII 09 October at 00:55 Luna ✡ Saphiran , spooped? xD

DocTenebrisXII 02 October at 05:56

Daemonice Kascata and Original Dolce

I was supposed to post this yesterday with the pic with the draconic versions of these two, but my internet died :V

Anyway, just showing this two together ^^

I hope you like them xD

they belong to me and my Onirica universe
Misty Devonshire 12 October at 22:35 DocTenebrisXII, Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to say that in a weird way xD
DocTenebrisXII 13 October at 06:02 Misty Devonshire, Lol don't worry xD now, let's fight! >:D

DocTenebrisXII 01 October at 05:49

A pair of character is mine in draconic version :V

Try to guess who they are if watched my work so far xD

These two are my creations :D
Luna ✡ Saphiran 02 October at 09:17 yeet i forgot that lil white dragon's name ;-;
DocTenebrisXII 02 October at 19:06 XD her name is Kascata

DocTenebrisXII 17 September at 06:41

Flare, the Estirge Princess, and Nyepu, the Genetic Engineer Biodragon.

They are doing nothing :V but I'll draw something cooler with them in the future... or so I hope XD

second attempt at a 100% made digital work (this is the cropped version because the original work sucks: Flare is almost a blur for being so small, and I got Nyepu wrong in many parts).

Still I hope you like this :D

DocTenebrisXII 15 September at 10:26

Kascata - More alternatives

One girl, three possible races :D
Goat - Brawler/martial artist
Cat - Mage
Sweet Daemon - something like a magical knight

Hope you like her ^^

Kascata is my OC and all the concepts here belong to Onirica :D

DocTenebrisXII 30 August at 22:03

Sombra and Dolce

Sombra is the small black kitty, Dolce is the tall pink Daemon

what's special about this work? that is my first work made ENTIRELY on photoshop, no scans, all, from the sketch to the color were made on photoshop, digitally, with pixels XD

Drawing digitally feels a little weird xD

DocTenebrisXII 26 August at 07:07

It's Raining Again - Loft (Techno) :V

Dolce missed a train but at least he's not waiting alone xD

Hope you like this ^^

DocTenebrisXII 25 August at 03:09

Dolce says "Hi!" from my studio :V

A miniature made from plasticine to dust off my old sculpting skills that Ihadn't used since Elementary School xD

I hope you like this :D

DocTenebrisXII 18 August at 09:32

"Mirror Breakers"

Tiberio, Anabel and Furia wreaking havoc in a cult of Hedona, Mistress of Plasure with extreme prejudice xD

Hope you like this! ^^

characters belong to me and my Onirica project ^^

DocTenebrisXII 18 August at 21:21 Misty Devonshire, thanks xD

DocTenebrisXII 14 August at 23:45

A comission for this guy:

My characters, Adala and Flare, racing with a character of his, Circe, who apparently came out of some other universe to challenge my Estirge girls, who wouldn't miss the chance to prove themselves against an unsual visitor. Circe and Adala are very close, while Flare is a little behind, who may win in the end, though? XD

Drawing cars is so damn hard xD also, wanted to use the chance to experiment with more effects and also to get at least...
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C0RRUPT3D-P1X3L 14 September at 17:25 Dang dude, that's impressive!
DocTenebrisXII 15 September at 10:27 C0RRUPT3D-P1X3L, Thanks!! :D Good to see you over here x) Btw, I'm sorry for having disappeared, but I'm a little complicated over here... so I shall remained disappeared for a while yet U_U Still, I hope you are doing good ^^