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DocTenebrisXII 28 November at 06:09

Ambrossia giving Arcadian a hug :D
DocTenebrisXII 28 November at 16:03 Misty Devonshire, *Ambrossia hugs Misty* x3
Misty Devonshire 28 November at 22:43 DocTenebrisXII, *Hugs back* Yay x3
Misty Devonshire 28 November at 22:44 Luna ✡ Saphiran , I'll get scratched to death but it's fine, I appreciate the kindness :,3

DocTenebrisXII 12 November at 03:40

Alistar the Horror, also known as the God of Negative Emotions and the Harbinger of the Void.

One of the bag guys of my universe, Onírica.

I hope you like him :D

DocTenebrisXII 03 November at 00:02

The Universal Wanderer

Doomed to walk to his demise by the curse of the Lost Walker, Allistar the Braixen managed to take control of his fate and turned his curse into his greatest power, since then, he became the Universal Wanderer, capable of going anywhere in the universe and back to his departure point once per day, and bring a lot of of people with him xD He usually uses his power to visit his best friend, a dragon girl called Daira, from another world xD

I like firefoxes with good hips :...
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DocTenebrisXII 27 October at 07:02

"Father-Son Qulity Time"

An Idea I found cute and needed to draw as soon as I can xD

A Estirge father having a simple and nice day at the beach with his son :3 and their pet megacidea (a giant rolypoly) xD

Because not everything needs to be action and violence in Onirica :V

I hope you like thsi ^^
Luna ✡ Saphiran 27 October at 08:20 kawaii water buggo and kfc.
DocTenebrisXII 27 October at 15:24 Luna ✡ Saphiran , I'm glad you find them kawaii xD and lol, KFC xD

DocTenebrisXII 22 October at 05:33

Stealing honey and all yo' bees! XD

Slightly inspired in my most recent "adventure" during working hours :V you only need to know there were a lot of fruits, anxious people, and bees involved in that XD

This could also be the cover for an adventure game :V

Anyway, here you have a random Fairy, and her trusty horned piranha pet, stealing honey... and bees... from a Food Production Center. In Onirica, food is grown in laboratories that also double as genetic research centers, they had succeede...
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Luna ✡ Saphiran 23 October at 15:57 DocTenebrisXII, i killed one today while i was on le way back from school :'3
DocTenebrisXII 24 October at 07:19 Luna ✡ Saphiran , you must have killed a surveyor, seeking for new lands to establish a colony, for all you know, you stopped and invasion XD or maybe started a war D:
Misty Devonshire 26 October at 20:56 DocTenebrisXII, Oh that grammar, love that too. I need some aswell ;v;

DocTenebrisXII 08 October at 19:17

Savage Daemons, the most common threat to life in Onirica.... beware, reality failure, psychologicl scarring and oblivion ahead...

My first "spooky" entry for the Spooky month xD or, should I said that is actaully "creepy"? xD

also, made on ink because inktober :D
DocTenebrisXII 09 October at 00:55 Luna ✡ Saphiran , spooped? xD

DocTenebrisXII 02 October at 05:56

Daemonice Kascata and Original Dolce

I was supposed to post this yesterday with the pic with the draconic versions of these two, but my internet died :V

Anyway, just showing this two together ^^

I hope you like them xD

they belong to me and my Onirica universe
Misty Devonshire 12 October at 22:35 DocTenebrisXII, Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to say that in a weird way xD
DocTenebrisXII 13 October at 06:02 Misty Devonshire, Lol don't worry xD now, let's fight! >:D

DocTenebrisXII 01 October at 05:49

A pair of character is mine in draconic version :V

Try to guess who they are if watched my work so far xD

These two are my creations :D
Luna ✡ Saphiran 02 October at 09:17 yeet i forgot that lil white dragon's name ;-;
DocTenebrisXII 02 October at 19:06 XD her name is Kascata

DocTenebrisXII 17 September at 06:41

Flare, the Estirge Princess, and Nyepu, the Genetic Engineer Biodragon.

They are doing nothing :V but I'll draw something cooler with them in the future... or so I hope XD

second attempt at a 100% made digital work (this is the cropped version because the original work sucks: Flare is almost a blur for being so small, and I got Nyepu wrong in many parts).

Still I hope you like this :D

DocTenebrisXII 15 September at 10:26

Kascata - More alternatives

One girl, three possible races :D
Goat - Brawler/martial artist
Cat - Mage
Sweet Daemon - something like a magical knight

Hope you like her ^^

Kascata is my OC and all the concepts here belong to Onirica :D