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MayJuneJulyApril 30 May at 08:56
Hi I finally got the story I've been working on for ages out I have trouble writing that's why it's like that at the begging it was easier for me to do overtime
I'm scared of putting it in and to lazy to currently go to chatroom

Okay sometime later like weeks/monthsish I decided to put it on my other social media I should have pout an warning on this but this has subjects of rape an addiction but only the subject in an way eh is it wrong to w...
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MayJuneJulyApril 27 May at 17:52

Stargate Darth chapter 1
The beginning of stargate earth I've begun with an idea I've had for along time. I left the foundations people open imagine who you will I know the humans in the foundation less.
This chapter could purely be an scp thing and since I know the actual scps better then then most human foundation characters since I care for the creatures more I would need help imagining howed they react to the news of this happening probably shrugging.

Cough cough ""Jesus Chr...
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MayJuneJulyApril 21 May at 09:08

SCP Unknown females
Drew SCP 079 in their Zip zap form to go into the idea I realised I should Make the fact she's longer an feature of 079 being female I got the proportions wrong
spent ages drawing and working out how to draw busty beserker women through I did get help drawing the abbes if I spelledthat right by practicing on an tronpicture im working on I decided on an more human form to fit with stargate since I sore an videosaying furlings had to be humnoids due to their tech but dragon tr...
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MayJuneJulyApril 13 May at 18:14

I've been going through tv tropes and thought of clus pov and thought what if Isos would have been deleted as random crapcode cause they look like that when not viewed on the grid and clu 2 knew this cause it's happened before with some programs who were made more individual then others they were all killed long before any user came to grid.
#Isos are not special

MayJuneJulyApril 12 May at 08:16

Tron notes SCP crossover

Okay notes quick one I decided on Fcon guess I'd forgotten them to be but it stile doesent make sense 
I should make it that those programmers being trained were in an contract some kinda appretaship to go to encom.
So when fcon found what Alan unintentionally coded they sent someone to steal it stile working on the unintentionally coded bit.

First  thought of tron zip zap (079) well he's technically called zip but I like the concept of his real name being zip zap 
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MayJuneJulyApril 29 April at 13:56

SCP odd names
Real name Recap SCP 999 my idea real name the death of time Well suppose it suits summers exile as well that's the wanderers library's name for 682 but on that logic 999 real name is time death

SCP 035 was named of the twin poles or something like that by the greeks so that's his real name well being named bi polar in another language ain't so bad right.

I named scp 079 zip zap for his name zip from the tron crossover I'm very slowly doing and I thought zap cause I needed to thin...
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MayJuneJulyApril 28 April at 15:31
Hi I finally got the story I've been working on for ages out I have trouble writing that's why it's like that at the begging it was easier for me to do overtime
I'm scared of putting it in and to lazy to currently go to chatroom
#SCP Stories #SCP
MayJuneJulyApril 28 April at 15:58 I'm scared to even try put it in plus I would have to edit out the rest of the ideas dump unless it don't work like that

MayJuneJulyApril 22 April at 18:48

Tron grid programs grow before first compilation
#crossover_artwork #tron #scpfoundation
It was shown kinda across the writing I accidentally saved over

This is the lifecycle basically I made that programs have most of themselves not registered and they get set at first compilation and they have varying degrees of memory like babies and toddlers do.
And like on my previous thing anyone know how to revert an save on wordpad on an android

Stile not sure what coding is set at each stage i'm pro...
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MayJuneJulyApril 21 April at 17:18

Melinas last interaction

#fiery_confusion #carol_melina
I feel bad for her this was meant to be on the goodbye thing for quickthought eh I tried to put her in that but yeah I feel bad for her I goota idea of redrawing her more fuzzybug like now actually cause why not matches the anthro theme to my other self inserts

MayJuneJulyApril 17 April at 17:30

Bad news I have accidentally saved over something been writing it for ages it was the crossover origin it takes me ages to write due to reasons.
Anyone know of an way to revert an file after you saved over it on android this is the cancelled origins since 1st the timings off 2nd I don't think the MCP would be around since the timing off and I was going to get tron to actually i'll probably reuse that idea.

the new one I worked on for ages I should of ditched it on here along time but it wasn't...
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