AngelMadi555 01 November at 18:28

Me got some ancient dolls and a Mcdonald's toy from 1995 at a halloween church party.

AngelMadi555 07 October at 01:28

I wonder if anyone on this site wants to play Mincraft with me?
Skylar 07 October at 04:03 I have minecraft, but I don't have xbox live

AngelMadi555 05 October at 20:15

Does anyone remember that Black cat that appeared on this website once?
AngelMadi555 11 October at 01:43 DocTenebrisXII, The one that appeared on this site one time.
DocTenebrisXII 11 October at 23:20 AngelMadi555, hmmm well, I can't remember that cat ^^
AngelMadi555 12 October at 05:34 DocTenebrisXII, Oh okay

AngelMadi555 23 September at 04:15

I drew these character faces

AngelMadi555 23 September at 02:12

I put a link to this community on a Youtuber's Discord.

AngelMadi555 22 September at 22:58

When and if I become a Youtuber, I think I know what my first video will be about.
I hope to see this community grow.

AngelMadi555 21 September at 23:39

This a charecter drawing I made a long time ago. Feel free to critique it.

AngelMadi555 03 September at 03:11

Do you ever feel like : You have a idea of what you want to draw,....... BUT..when you try to draw it turns out HORRIBLE.
D!E3Ø 03 September at 05:18 Been there done that
Skylar 03 September at 05:29 Yeah, that happens a lot

AngelMadi555 15 July at 21:24

Is my shading bad?
AngelMadi555 15 July at 21:27 Skylar, Thank you <3
Tsunamifualt 17 July at 10:59 It's good, especially on the hair!
AngelMadi555 19 July at 01:53 Tsunamifualt, Thank you for the feed back

AngelMadi555 15 July at 21:13