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Mimomc 03 January 2018 at 10:59

a doodle turned into a full out experiment that I'm really proud of ;w;
Mimomc 07 January 2018 at 02:00 Iridescentt, Thanks I try uwu
Mimomc 18 February 2018 at 02:27 Chai Pebbles, thank you so much ^^

Mimomc 06 March 2018 at 21:57

And this was day two of the Magical March Challenge in which I may never top cuz I love it too much
This Snivy knows they're fab and you can't deny
Timely 07 March 2018 at 05:25 Mimomc, What about Fabulously fabulous
Mimomc 07 March 2018 at 08:16 GalaxyTheOCMaker, ...You make a valid statement
Timely 07 March 2018 at 16:35 Mimomc, Validly fabulously fabulous

Mimomc 06 March 2018 at 21:46

I decided to not spam these separate and just post these together
The last one was the first day of the Magical March challenge (which I may never finish now ripp)
DocTenebrisXII 07 March 2018 at 08:32 Mimomc, Then I'm totally following you, my fellow fantasy artist XD
Mimomc 07 March 2018 at 08:51 DocTenebrisXII, Oh thank you friend! I hope you enjoy my stuff in the coming future then ^^
DocTenebrisXII 07 March 2018 at 08:58 Mimomc, You are welcome! :D and I wish you always have creativity to come up with more interesting ideas! ^^

Mimomc 18 February 2018 at 02:26

sky snek icon lookit my baby, he looks so precious

(i just realized how big this is welp)
Mimomc 18 February 2018 at 11:13 Forneverarts, yes praise him
Kuroao Anomal 26 February 2018 at 10:52 i wanna give this snek a snak
Mimomc 03 March 2018 at 21:37 Kuroao Anomal, the snek appreciates

Mimomc 17 February 2018 at 11:54

I love when I get an idea when its really late, so I can't sleep until its finished dsgadaff
I could've done this in one layer...but I didn't :p

Mimomc 17 February 2018 at 06:30

a doddle of mai boi

Mimomc 17 February 2018 at 06:28

I want out.
this is just boredom and experimenting eh
Mimomc 17 February 2018 at 08:11 maddiemoiselle, by having no idea what I'm doing :D(which is what I do for everything tbh)
DocTenebrisXII 17 February 2018 at 09:03 your boredom wants to get out from you, you are to productive for its taste :V
Mimomc 17 February 2018 at 09:40 DocTenebrisXII, lmao I have boredom to thank for me drawing most of the time

Mimomc 17 February 2018 at 06:25

A demon that feeds off negativity until it swallows you whole :D I've had this sketch for months. I'm too lazy to do line art ya see so I finally got off my ass and tried to clean it up a bit and I'm happy with it so hahh
DocTenebrisXII 17 February 2018 at 09:09 It would be awesome to see this horror in full body, unless it is just a dark blob that moves around like a slug or something. i didin't knew you were into horror xD a very creepy concept :D I also had a similar concept developed with the help of a friend: dark spirits, black blobs who fed on negativity and were more than happy on giving you reasons to feel like that; if they manage to make you depressed to the point of suicide or insanity, they would be capable of possessing you and assimilating you soul into them... on the other hand, if one ever were to wound you, you'd be cursed to turn into one of them after a long and painful agony...
Mimomc 17 February 2018 at 10:02 Oh that's awesome and pretty messed up! Iloveit My abomination just wants to eat ya after you've suffered to the point of going insane XD I'm still working out its design a bit but I do hope to draw a full body soon, I may even fully finish it if I'm up to it. And I love horror, I just feel like I can't execute it well most of the time so I rarely do it, or leave it as sketches cuz they look better as is, but hopefully I can more stuff like this in the future
DocTenebrisXII 19 February 2018 at 03:27 Mimomc, xD Thanks, I'm glad you like it x) I'm not a fan of horror, but I do like some aspects of it for fantasy works. It'd be cool to see this monster in full one day, good luck with that. And I understand you, horror is a very delicate thing, ironically enough.

Mimomc 16 February 2018 at 02:09

And of course a bab from Potaco-nugget I'm being blessed I tell you ;w;
I did this earlier and the line art looked atrocious so I messed around with the sketch. Overall it made me feel better so ye
Mimomc 16 February 2018 at 22:35 Misty Devonshire, yes, but you can do it anyway xd