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CaptainCrusher44 05 February at 16:40

The Kong pirate legend: Long John Kongo has captured Rouge and Mario, so don't mess with this Kong captain or you will be next.

CaptainCrusher44 24 January at 03:42

Looks like Captain Grimm has finally found himself a pirate crew and has capture Pac-Man, Cyli and Spiral! Let's hope our heroes can escape.

CaptainCrusher44 18 December 2019 at 04:44

The deadliest pirate: Captain Sharkstache has captured Blaze, Amy and Marine! Now he's planning to use the Sol Emeralds' power to take over the seas and the world! Let's hope somebody stops him in time before the captives walk the plank.

CaptainCrusher44 15 December 2019 at 02:46

Hello and welcome to Mario Stadium. We have an exciting match between the DK Kongs and the Mario Sunshines. Enjoy the game.

CaptainCrusher44 15 December 2019 at 02:36

Thought I show you match between Donkey Kong & Knuckles against Rouge and Peach. I did the name announce start of the match. Enjoy.

CaptainCrusher44 08 October 2019 at 02:35

Since Papu Papu is now a pirate, I decided to give a pirate ship and a crew. Beware of him! Because his pirate name is: LONG JOHN PAPU!

CaptainCrusher44 06 July 2019 at 02:19

Welcome to the ASWC! The All Stars Wrestling Championship! We have an exciting match between Knuckles and King K.Rool, as the Kremling Commander is about to belly flop his opponent! Enjoy my wrestling idea.

CaptainCrusher44 02 July 2019 at 22:16

Here's my pirate from Pirate101, I did the skull and crossbones myself.

CaptainCrusher44 26 February 2019 at 04:17

Just a little something from a fanon twist of myself if I was in Sonic Underground.

CaptainCrusher44 18 February 2018 at 18:01

Here's the remake of my empire logo.