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xeroxX183 23 June at 23:56

Requested by a friend. :3

xeroxX183 18 June at 23:05

/klemmer alle sammen/

xeroxX183 02 June at 15:42

The idea is cool, but the drawing sucks.
Have that Kokona holding a kitten.

xeroxX183 16 May at 18:19

i'm so sorry for no posting! artblock or whatever..
but here. have this little-little comic and a wip for the next work. ^u^

xeroxX183 10 May at 21:09

i was listening to or3o song and i got an idea
"why not to draw my design of alice angel?"
here it is, hope you like it.

xeroxX183 08 May at 17:00

tried to do something fRISKY. *bah-dum-tss* well, actually, i need more practice with backgrounds. and face. and anatomy. but anyway, i hope you like it.
C0RRUPT3D-P1X3L 10 May at 07:06 It's incredible! Good job! The background and anotomy is really well done!

xeroxX183 06 May at 20:56

heya guys,
i'm so sorry for no posting!
but i brought you a brand new drawing! here's Tord with hanahaki disease. oww, so painful to see him suffer..
here's some blood on it, so i don't know if i should censore it. i guess no.
but i hope you like it! nwn

(also, my new nickname is xeroxX183, okbye)