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Misty Devonshire 02 April at 23:23

Ask me anything.
I mean, look how much I want to answer something ;v;
C0RRUPT3D-P1X3L 15 April at 07:26 Misty Devonshire, This one XD
Misty Devonshire 15 April at 15:21 C0RRUPT3D-P1X3L, Oh you know when you're too lazy to draw? Yep xD
C0RRUPT3D-P1X3L 15 April at 23:39 Misty Devonshire, That's me quite often

Misty Devonshire 15 October at 13:54

Remember the old comic I made with Misty and Angie? Yay it's back alive, it was fun to actually draw a fight. You can see the old comic on the last picture. Oh and if you're wondering why Misty is attacking out of nowhere, it was because I was lazy to draw something first. She was triggered because of Angelina (as always).

Red: Luna
Dark red: Misty
Purple: Angelina
Green: Joel
(I just own Misty in this comic, the rest are owned by their creators.)
Misty Devonshire 17 October at 17:23 Luna ✡ Saphiran , Cheers
Misty Devonshire 17 October at 17:23 DocTenebrisXII, Hey I'm glad! ^^
DocTenebrisXII 18 October at 07:04 Misty Devonshire, you are welcomed x)

Misty Devonshire 13 October at 01:19

First time I've ever drawn a wolf, yay.
That's kinda a fusion wolf thing, because I'm totally original. Mhm.

Misty Devonshire 09 October at 00:21

Do you know how much I love drawing chibis?
Luna ✡ Saphiran 09 October at 17:20 JJ's fabulous green eyes..
Misty Devonshire 11 October at 20:04 Luna ✡ Saphiran , Yusss

Misty Devonshire 22 September at 21:05

This is for a contest thingy, and I drew Misty as Kaneki. I've never had so fun drawing Misty with new clothes.

Misty Devonshire 16 September at 20:04

A small comic about what happened to me ft. my mom

Misty Devonshire 16 September at 15:32

Annoying Misty intensifies.
Happy birthday to potato girl, I hope you get more birthday cards.
Luna ✡ Saphiran 16 September at 18:06 nyehehe thanks Mrs Chair.
Misty Devonshire 16 September at 19:41 Angelina ✡ Devonshire ✡ Cнan, You're welcome :v

Misty Devonshire 16 September at 02:55

Meanwhile, on discord...
That's basically it, the group in a nutshell. The only one with brain is Joel. The rest is just crazy people fbdhwjcfwbhuifueywijbyre2
Misty Devonshire 22 September at 20:59 Luna ✡ Saphiran , Indeed
jack devonshire 26 September at 14:58 its funny how i was the one who did that picture and it was not changed
Luna ✡ Saphiran 26 September at 17:17 jack devonshire, we love meymeyz darling. MEYMEYZ!

Misty Devonshire 15 September at 17:28

Sorry for being dead, my cat ate my inspiration.
Misty Devonshire 16 September at 03:20 DocTenebrisXII, Yeah, it's kinda a meme here. There's a chair that has the same name of Misty, aka 'Misty Devonshire'. And if you didn't notice, below on the picture I wrote 'Devonchair', and it was just something to remind people that there's a fakerrrr.. gahahhah
DocTenebrisXII 16 September at 03:28 ah XD yeah, now I notice the "Devonchair is back" XD Well, that's interesting, thanks for clarifying :D
Misty Devonshire 16 September at 13:00 DocTenebrisXII, You're welcome, amigo :p

Misty Devonshire 21 August at 03:40

What are you doing with the winter clothes on already?..
Misty Devonshire 21 August at 14:07 Angelina ✡ Devonshire ✡ Cнan, She's not sad, just annoyed because is melting. And I'm glad you love it:3
Luna ✡ Saphiran 21 August at 14:34 Misty Devonshire, ree :3 how u did dat coloring affect ;-; TEACH MEH IN DISCOOF
Misty Devonshire 21 August at 19:33 Angelina ✡ Devonshire ✡ Cнan, I just simply used the sketchy pen to do it.