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maddiemoiselle 21 February at 20:52

this was actually rly relaxing. speedpaint will be up later tonight, i have to go to the doctor then right to work then college... saveme
Daphnesorous 27 February at 01:14 I love the detail on this! It's pretty cool!
maddiemoiselle 27 February at 01:20 Daphnesorous, Thank you!
Daphnesorous 27 February at 01:22 maddiemoiselle, You're welcome ^^

maddiemoiselle 13 February at 21:23

Due to a dire need of money, I have officially opened commissions.

I've estimated that I will need roughly $700 before I graduate, and my minimum wage job that cut my hours from 40 a week to 4 a week just isn't helping. If I can even make $50 from doing this that already pays for one thing.

My commission prices are listed here

I like to think they're fairly reasonable, so please take the time to consider helping me out...
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Lily Ondine 23 February at 06:12 I'm in the same boat, shippy. wish I could help... maybe try selling adoptables on Deviant Art? I've had better success with that then just calling for commissions. you can also submit designs to t-shirt making websites like redbubble or society6. it doesn't make a lot of money at first, but it will build up over time. It's a good boost to the income you make elswere.
Lily Ondine 18 May at 20:32 ALSO, People LOVE it when you draw on them, and will pay you for a job well done. pick up a pack of watercolor pencils somewhere and find a festival to set up at and you're in the money. I offer it for free and ask for money if they like it, it just takes one ridiculously rich person to make your day. Also, by offering a free service, any money you get is a gift and is non-taxable. So no worries, but if you were to make a business out of it you're tax free up to $500 a month in earnings, anything over that and you'll have to keep impeccable records so you don't get fined, and can pay the right amount of taxes. If you would rather ask for money, $5 is a good price. I did this last 4th of july at a fireworks show and made $75 that night just within the few hours that it lasted.
Lily Ondine 18 May at 20:34 Basically, just don't rely on a post like this for money, you gotta dip your thumb in many pies. (especially on this website, the user base is mostly kids and they don't have money to give you.)

maddiemoiselle 04 August at 06:19


maddiemoiselle 04 August at 06:18

drew this for me and my bf

maddiemoiselle 18 June at 19:43

i drew me as ladybug so why not me as a voltron character especially since season 6 emotionally destroyed me hahahahahahahahahahhahaha

can you tell i gave up

maddiemoiselle 04 June at 22:41

I miss this website and wish i had the motivation to post more and wish everyone was super active again

maddiemoiselle 04 June at 22:26

I drew me n my friend as Ladybug n Cat Noir (i'm LB she's CN) and I honestly love how this turned out. I have a version with words and without. It was gonna be a speedpaint but I was doing things n didnt think this would turn out well so just accept me o k

maddiemoiselle 20 May at 07:17


maddiemoiselle 20 May at 03:27

i have no life
maddiemoiselle 20 May at 05:42 Potaco_nugget, MY LIFE IS LITERALLY AVOIDING PEOPLE AND MEMEING SO ITS WORSE
Potaco_nugget 20 May at 13:27 maddiemoiselle, Mines still nonexistent hun XD its been a meme for years,

maddiemoiselle 18 May at 04:32

So I finished it
and if you ignore the bottom right
it looks
rly good