Kitty Allison 16 May 2018 at 04:40

This is for the Wizard World Comic Project(WWCP). This is also gonna be my channel mascot. I'm also gonna re draw this on Medibang.

Name: Mia Shadeheart
Age: 14
Species: Monster-human
Gender: Female
Clan/Guild: Scattered Guardians
Role: Wizard
Hobbies: Writing stories, playing on her laptop making art and trying making music.
Personality: Shy, kind and a little depressed
Back Story: N/A
Crush~: None at the moment.
Relatives/Sibilings: (Open)
Powers: Hide, protection spell, teleportation and hallucination.
Weapon: Magic soul sword, Soul shield and book.
Extra: Can fly, likes video games and modeling.