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Tsunamifualt 14 March at 04:10

(I'm Shishou) I just gave my entire discord group an existential crisis.
I'm almost done with another drawing from my latest and it's in the same kind of art style. I really like it, i think i might keep it that way for a bit. But i rlly don't have control over my art style sooooo
Luna ✡ Saphiran 14 March at 08:19 Boi what is this depressing conversation
Luna ✡ Saphiran 14 March at 09:06 Tsunamifualt, Me needz explanationz
Tsunamifualt 14 March at 09:35 Luna ✡ Saphiran , Otay so I realized that Boku no Pico's MC was, in fact, NOT just a super flat girl, but a boi. Hence the "my life is a lie". My friends replied, and then I replied with that and I think I'm proud of it tbh...Idk anymore
Luna ✡ Saphiran 14 March at 19:58 Tsunamifualt, I also thought he was a super flat girl at first.. Relatable. That anime is the weirdest anyways omfg why skgkfkfkfkckc
Tsunamifualt 16 March at 04:11 Luna ✡ Saphiran , lmao ikr