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035 is ancient technology
The second ones more accurate
#stargate_crossover #SCP_035
stargate,atlantis and the SCP's would be like
Stargate crossover thought I'd draw what masky looked like on the faceing side before he got all goopy the second ones more true to what I'm thinking cause his hardware is mostly in an tiny thin gem looking structure that I decided to make resemble an tearduct also has an top eyelid gem things as well
He's not made of human porcelain the foundation don't know what he/she actually made of but I got the idea of the silver bit being nanites but not the same ones as the replicator ones they can't walk around I'm debating whether they even have legs they are stuck infused forged into the mask itself and are made to be like that's why he ended up stuck with the Thalia laughter and Melpholmanes Sonnet as well as his own consciousness due to how he was made those all are forged in he is not transferable like an AI.
He/she was made on accident and Hephaestus missed that he made an being due to his consciousness being so that's his origins
and stargate Lokis the common first thread he's the first one to find the foundation I should write more on him later this is not an full story it's more like notes.