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Bad news I have accidentally saved over something been writing it for ages it was the crossover origin it takes me ages to write due to reasons.
Anyone know of an way to revert an file after you saved over it on android this is the cancelled origins since 1st the timings off 2nd I don't think the MCP would be around since the timing off and I was going to get tron to actually i'll probably reuse that idea.

the new one I worked on for ages I should of ditched it on here along time but it wasn't finished ago programs don't start out humanoid at all

I can't get the same story written again this origin has changed
MCP watched that program he was told to by his user it was until to watch an undeveloped program
The squares of code h3 didn't understand where was the

Note username 00-Dillinger

Why we he made to watch one of this user Alan 1's project there were 2 of them one was AI coded like him
Sure they were both the same brighter blue colour but he stile did not get

His user enquired ""What do you see two unfinished programming One of them would be ready for activation,,. He answered ""Yes it just needs some surface finished but the second one is an security program likely made to work in conjunction with the AI program,,.

""Leave it I all ready have our antiviruses your to bring the AI for testing,,.
He answered "Wait should it be first brought online first it'll need It's processing to play the game,,.
""Ah sure I'll finish It's surface level later after you bring it to the outpoint,,.
""Why would you need that why can't you just wait til Alan 1 completes the AI before getting me to challenge it,,.
""Alan 1 asked me to do it for him,,. Thinking back he should have been more suspicious
He should have known Alan 1 wouldn't let his user near his programs.
""All right I'll go with you,,.
""Grab the AI and bring it to this outpoint,,.
""Sorry I'm not in position for doing so,,. Going forward he could see an firewall fed into the power of the grid
""What's the obstacle,,.
""An spherical multilayered firewall encompassing the whole work area,,.
Can you disable it ""No I do not have permission,,.
""Hang on I'll do it then,,.
""User Unusual move when have you had permission,,.
""It was given to me alan 1 was away,,.
It was rather convenient that an security program came around or maybe he hadn't registered his analysing hardware is offline to save space so it might have been watching him in the background It was humanoid and an direct blue in contrast to him and the two programs he just twisted away from it ""Why is Alan 1 away,,.

It took it felt like his user was making processing sounds ""He was sick,,.
was easier for him he was an cylinder one of the less complex he could only get AI and security program through their shape.
""get it when the firewall goes down I got the codes sighing out,,.

He usually went strait back to complicating but not before this

""Program can you interact,,.tron
The program said ""Positive I can,,.
""Good I need to report something,,
"my users communications are suspicious,,.
"My user says Alan 1 is on sickleave and my user has alan1,s codes for the unfinished programs firewalI escapulate an falsemove,,.

""I advice you to contact the programs that deal with what sick is I'll keep following the instructions until you comeback,,

The guard program ""You will not advice anything other then chess Program otherwise I'll report you as over going your bounds,,.

""Then I must be mistaken on my suspicions I'll go back to doing as instructed,,. He floated back swerving around it was easy an advantage to his programming.

Most AI coded programs were heads unless they were coded for functions that needed limbs. he was an body an cylinder with an face on it that hovered. One of those the users put no effort in those with effort appear more complex. His user dillager was just ordered to make him.
His his function was to play chess it was rarely used he was rarely used why was he even ordered made his function had no point.

Looking back at them he wished he'd be one of them to have the point of their function even if he could only get security from the place and shape.
They were both so complex even in their unfinished

He calculated to incur his user was rather laggy when it came to when the firewall flickered off

He crept in the light they gave off set his code to recognise it to process them as something holy kingly with the power of queens.
The security program in as it is he could handle but he felt like he was one of those programs worshipping the output tower with the nearly completed one.

AI type programs traded bigger space for more power so that fact could be why his drawn to the one he was to steal,,. In his mind he quickly changed to possess for matches he's not to disagree with his user clamping down on the coded orb
In is mind in reality he just willed it's own hover feature to follow him.

The process on what happened were disappointing

The transfer there was uneventful the sounds of program each tread filled with electricity
Looking behind him the program the unfinished AI program lagged it's form usually something resembling an gas now is slowing the transfer down with half it's form being pixelated kinda like the energy but less solid

The whole transfer paused every program the master chess program included was somewhat confused followed.
The new program started evaporating back to its unlagging form it's data blue white light stile sent opposing sparks of electricity.

They all looked confused until an younger security program spoke up ""Why is it acting erratically,,.

There was an large pause
""I've seen this before,,.
They all turned towards him
Despite his face he was an older security program
""This program felt an automatic safety recall,,.
""It's to prevent unauthorised use,,.

It was like their suspicious attention was causing him to error code
ECP frowned
""My user instructed me to,,.
He processed ""One of you can correlate my story I had no authenticity in this I processed suspicion then as you do now,,.

It took nano cycles that had an longer affect ""Correlated,.,

From above through screen one was watching and just typed next to the transfer an quarter way done was another box for commands ""Corrupt make it so they can't go back,,.

""So tell them what I said,,.

The security program didn't sound so eager
""I didn't recall it stored it as irrelevant I deleted it as an unwanted file,,.
ECP was disdained it didn't last long
An sound like coming from an from an broken bit of hardware or electricity going threw faulty wire.
It's appearance changed to resemble an bit saying yes only stile staying blue.

They paused looking between each other then to the older program that spoke before again ""I don't know what it's doing this time.

""Requesting status on the download corruption,,.
""I'm setting the counter add on,,. The program another guy hidden from view set an bomb another was set to trigger

Momentarily stalled
Was an description of how their transfer was
""Any program know,,. The security right next to him the one who started this in the first place ECP observed that program looked like he was staying silent to not bring attention to himself.

Before he could decide the right objective an distanced sound coming closer it sounded like bracking glass at first then coming closer they could see the transfer bridge was derezzing.

""Order Abort all flee,,. He floated the security programs rezzed in bikes the unactivated AI shrunk recognising an threat pushing it forwards first using both their small data to their advantage some programs derezzed as he flew past faster then the bikes

Acceptable losses the preprogram squirmed being pushed slightly from the sudden speed up ECP thought after

acceptable losses was my actions were acceptable this one should get acquainted with movement.

If he knew the term he have just thought suck it up you brat even if he would be thinking that about an baby

To his sensors came on an distant program on an grid bike blue like all the others but stile as threatening as a lot of the red programs.

Users really liked their associations he quickly put his hand up to an mouthpiece their was now only 3 riders against six riders.

The new five riders were all red.

The Three riders three wheels seen first that derezzed outta existence ECP was all ready sweeping around the programs activating his analysing software only to have an few of the red programs approach him threatening

""Greetings programs

ZIP file expansion algorithm intelligence scp 079,s program name ones trying to steal????? I donno I was stile working on it I don't know how to use the clipboard so I must have accidentally put this bit in the its previous ones scrapped and ideas reusable due to the timing issues and zip got stolen added more to give hints at what the original saved over thing was about he basically can't speak much words yet

an blinked internally groaning he was hanging around Flynn to much
Rubbing his eyes he found himself leaning when he closed his eyes next an room was lit up in slivers of blue
Slowly at first it as tiny slivers out of sight and not long outta mind for now trons lights were lossing their ability to catch the eye
By then tron and his metallic suit outta covering himself in an Pixilated human shapes form he had found his code for his face.

From by then it was like the "Like me,,. Malfunctioning ton his screen empty of code
To tron they were tiny circuits void of blue the blue like his and all most of the same pattern of his.