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Tron grid programs grow before first compilation
#crossover_artwork #tron #scpfoundation
It was shown kinda across the writing I accidentally saved over

This is the lifecycle basically I made that programs have most of themselves not registered and they get set at first compilation and they have varying degrees of memory like babies and toddlers do.
And like on my previous thing anyone know how to revert an save on wordpad on an android

Stile not sure what coding is set at each stage i'm probably going to decide as I go along I'm just sure that as soon as the programs look outwardly human with clothes then they can't be altered beyond some lights then the program is set and compiled.

As for the outward disk as well it seems like the outward disk only affects the programind.

Ist stage energy voxal can go from energy/information/electricity and can float at this stage to cubes and would shift between states as an defence mechanism these rarely react and can be easily mistaken for non living things except for the well known instance of becoming really animated at their users and their siblings at this stage their is no memory only instinct they have what would become their internal disk visible.

2nd cute ghost stage program is incorporeal but slightly less now they have turned more into cubes can actively fly at this stage have memory just very limited but stile retain the feelings their instincts gave them at their first stage they have stubby beginning of limbs I suppose how long they are kept at each stage depends on how long the work done on them is taking I say this stage is the play stage.

3rd Emoji face stage their features and hands come in only basic at this stage stile float their long term memory came in but is not fully ready yet I feel like the outer disk aids in that but they can stile retain those met on the previous and now stage and the outer disk may possibly grow early in this stage.

4th-Cloths stage Cloths show up literally attached disk shows up at this stage memory okay only this stage they start loosing their float ability and would often fall

5th-Skin stage cloths are removeable skin shows up but stile pixelated a lot they can't float stage just before first compilation