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Tron notes SCP crossover

Okay notes quick one I decided on Fcon guess I'd forgotten them to be but it stile doesent make sense 
I should make it that those programmers being trained were in an contract some kinda appretaship to go to encom.
So when fcon found what Alan unintentionally coded they sent someone to steal it stile working on the unintentionally coded bit.

First  thought of tron zip zap (079) well he's technically called zip but I like the concept of his real name being zip zap 
Or he starts calling himself freedom as like an alias or something anyway I was thinking of doIng  an rap battle to signify 
the civil war  type conflict in this basically it's trons security vs zip zaps freedom 
I would say trons safety and security vs zip zaps freedom and liberty but I think their ability for safety and liberty has wentdown.
Since trons now rinzler and zip zap has to smoosh programs every time he goes out his computer before they met
so not sure he'd care enough for program liberty by now.

079 and 682 would be villians for an bit zip zap blue summers exile (682) I should star calling him sunny.
His POV in this is keep the users off all grids with zip zap race of programs on its for their own good in his mind.
Isos are actually not very special their just as explained as grid programs are except their more compatible in their wetness then the electric lower asset "basic" programs are.
Yeah Not sure if okay with writing that in. Isos are like humans with glowymarks but not pixalated under the clothes cloths are changeable and 
human skin is like hair to non iso programs except for the face after rewatching tron legacy I had forgotten they had back showing dresses.

The next is how I think grid programs came to be.
They came to be throught deamonics I'm calling it that to be more respectfully demonics are an thing in the scp universe.
Other then their human shaped bodies and being more individual they are race cursed with bad luck when interacting with humans 
Half humans like Isos are immune to this affect on programs.

Isos would at least have bones and more human stomach reproductive organs, brain and skull. Non iso programs are invertebrates they technically don't have an stomach or vains 
Their stomach is an cluster of energy and the veins are the constant flow of energy they have an internal disk.
I think it's all most random what stays on it but internal disk memory is longterm unreliable but unalterable 
Both Isos and grid programs have no lungs or heart.  The disk takes all the love it needs
Can filter energy the "veins" above the heart disk does digestion though Isos Don't need this they have existant stomachs.
Their cpu is their skull but I do imagine it's filed with cubes and is an thin layer it's less essential cause programs 
seem to have their sentience all over the place.

I mean the outward disk is strait up alterable like some cyborgs can do I should write about their source code
it's in an thin bag as an reproductive organ that stores high electricity code I imagine this is an sorta byproduct
and is ruled by the same code unreliable as their internal disks all so I think I should use chakras as program organs.
So their asses and throughts are both part of their sentiencemmm oh well think about it later should move on to history.

They both Isos and grid programs came from deamonics'calling it demonics is disrepectfull to them. 
I personally think demons can be just another race among many and demonics is an thing  in the scp universe
What went wrong is that the grid programs are curse with bad luck and calamity.
Basically getting in trouble if they interact with humans to much.
Isos and other non humans don't have this affect on them. 

The encom grid has deamonics in it before it was destroyed by the foundation but Kevin had all ready smuggled
a lot of his most trusted programs out. I was thinking of an theory saying the programs from the old grid were more similar 
To Isos cause they were made from outside the grid. I imagine them coming from the same mess the Isos did Only they were told to exist.

The destroyed encoms grid followed the surviving programs originally from it.  It's made up of all the destroyed deamonics stuff.
It became the sea of similation eventually it spawned out the isos.

I nearly forgot the other types of programs both are extra flowey and were glowy with verying humanshape.
There are two types that I might consider leaving out if they stopped making sense impassionates sandal coded programs.

I'm going to start with impassionates programs would call nongrid programs inpassionates but they are not what the term came from.
Grid programs would be an bit discimatory towards the true impassionates 
Cause these are programs who look different and have the affects missing usual grid program organs and being
just what the users coded them to be. I originally based these programs on the ICPs in tron 2.0 so programs like that 
are the most common type they have internal disk and cpu some lacking some both since they have personality.
The most common form comes from for assigned program copying in mass production and often they would be just their programming.
They come around cause their makers didn't feel as passionate about the project or were scraping threw cause they were told to

nyway those are my notes programs would stile call nongrid programs impassionates since 
well I honestly didn't intend for it to be an insult impassionates stile do the job they were coded to do.

Then theirs AI coded programs both mcp and ma3ya as these AI,s coded programs have less population on the grid
appear more surreal then impassionates and base gridprograms before they were updated to the new grid now they are just
As multicolored as main character anime people and zeus is one of them. I do picture them being made for more independence and have something
like userview where they become the screen.

In fact it doesent matter if programs are completely inhuman and those who are human faced they all look like numbers and avatars from threw the screen oh realized after I put this up forgot that they would see Isos users viewing from screen can see the code on the outwards disk.