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LolitaBlue 31 August at 22:02

hey guys, long time no see
AngelMadi555 31 August at 22:53 I think you should censore this. You censore stuff by clicking on them before you upload it.
LolitaBlue 01 September at 00:54 AngelMadi555, i don't think it needs to be censored, its not displayed in any sexual manner, its no different from a nude statue.
AngelMadi555 01 September at 01:43 LolitaBlue, I don't like any nude thing. I think any possible kid would not care to see this. I'm glad this artist can draw a human body, but I think it should have the censore thing on so people can choose if they want to see stuff like this.
LolitaBlue 01 September at 03:23 AngelMadi555, if they dont want to see it that bad they can scroll pass or shadow me, im not going to censor something that doesn't need censored because someone doesn't like it, i have seen similar things on here that were not censored and no one had a problem with it. so agree to disagree
AngelMadi555 01 September at 04:03 LolitaBlue, Well I'm sorry. It just stood out to me.
AngelMadi555 01 September at 04:04 LolitaBlue, Wonderful art by the way.
AngelMadi555 01 September at 04:07 LolitaBlue, Oh, and I didn't know what shadowing creators was a thing on this web site.
LolitaBlue 01 September at 05:37 AngelMadi555, thank you and yes you can shadow people from the 3 lines in the corner of the person's avatar. I don't normally draw nudity but i also don't think it is something that needs to be censored unless it's sexual. I don't know what I will draw in the future but it is possible that I may post nudity again. if this concerns you and it is your will you may shadow me
AngelMadi555 01 September at 05:50 LolitaBlue, Thank you. It's nice to know your opinion. I will not bother you again about this. I'm sorry if I offended you.
LolitaBlue 01 September at 06:39 apology accepted, i do hope the rest of your day/night gos well