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Tron Zip zaps origins part 1by MayJuneJulyApril, 5 hours and 58 minutes agoLiterature / Fan Fiction / General Fiction


debugging.............error unknown

An sliver of light with an sound like an soft laser the two circles connected the disk blared white yet black found it's way from it as well.
The disk swirled it's mobile glow into pixels swirling.

With head two close to the screen his sight cleared as Alan Bradley put on his glasses sitting up the code set in his mind 
""what happened his view went to his watch the expression of his face annoyed more of himself then the white coded mess of the tron program he didn't remember making.
Muttering to himself ""I should have took there help,,. Before bringing up trons commands ""tron,, fingers typing this is ridiculous  he thought ""Can you sort yourself out,,. 
Both typing and talking rubbing his eyes Thinking more ""I must really be tired talking to my programs like Flynn does,,. 
Readjustment his glasses expecting his uncomplete program to send ""unrecognised,,.
It was ""command recognised tracking compilation,,. Alan defeated typed in ""Predict completion time unavailable,,.
""It worked,,. Continuing to type he phrased it like he was talking to his program as he typed ""Tron would you be able to be done around 12:00 system time please shutdown before then,,.
Other users are set to login by the night shift I won't be coming back til,,. He stopping typing and speaking ""10:30 AM,,. Waiting unsure tron communicated ""request accepted,,.
""Like me,,. Alan was slightly confused at the weird response but his yawned thinking he must added some extra responses in the tiredness then oddly it felt right to tell his program ""goodnight,,.

As white as the sun and darker then shadow The colour swirled over an cloud of of cubes two grasps of bluer then the sky and two words were said ""Like me,,.
""Goodnight,,. His user just sounded like on sleep mode was that what goodnight meant sleep mode his processing was deliberately stalled and set to process the user request

An face matching the hands formed into an very slight indication of an face 
His code not used to the effort of expressions fell into cubes but indication was stile there an blue example of the black and white tiny streams of code among
The indication was uncertain the two stick like appendages of an program not yet finished blue emmited out from the program
Doing something he wanted to do with the black and white since it appeared.
The hug that was not an intended one levitating up wrapping all the black and white code in his toodler like arms 
Compiling unknown error disabling unknown subroutine
""Like me?,,. 
Tron was surprised the indirect search was right the first time the oppersite greyscale was The ""Like me,,.
Tron lost brief control his code of light the ""like me,,. The core gravitated wildly
Echoed him the black shadows shriveled The white fell mixing with his blue pushing away like an splutter of cube dust

Tron stumbled his blue coming undone partially floating at first it was the autonomous challenging circumstances
then the white was among his blue his hand struggled around his back the white encompassing glitching lightening and whitening

It swerled in it's place distant glitch tron now registered it as more information came in going forwards his hand coming out from behind his back.
The data of his disk swerving back into him the cubes on his face managed to do the expression of worry.
There was the Last result an communication of fear for out of the sudden fear his code scrambled to.
In an simpler way they both startled and with both with unsetcode an bit of the newcomers glitched code merged with him.

The newcomer now more combined produced two grey eyes settled  ""Like me?,, The percieved it was smaller then him
shaped all most like an large tiny four bits of stub, prelimbs were poking out. 
And it was quickly locked in an box the tiny creatures stubs flinging around the percieved it glitching unknown black and white code as it tron with his hand out like he was casting an spell  

Tron flinged around his code cubes ""NOttt Like me,,. Almost leaping forward security subroutines enacted within him grabbing the cube
where the mostly unknown set of code tucked itself in outta terror ""YOU UNWANTED,,. 
Trying to savagely flick the white off ""Glitches,, and very vividly trying to Chrush them under his now set feet as the program in the cube stalled like in freezing in fear then attempted to make itself smaller.
In trons mind he was lacking some of the methods of communications he wanted to do.

But the new program was as clear as day well half of him was this time the disk came to his hand drawing from his back the boots made for stomping as the new program felt it was.
Coming forwards the little program scuttled back as he came foreward disk bared saying ""virus,,.  He was getting closer the program brings it's form to the ground.

Distinctly grey lines of liquid when tron got close dripping on the floor tron leaned over then doing an sudden flip of acting he said kindly ""like user,,. 

He went down on his knees suddenly regretting his processing error in his mind he read the data picking up
What he said next had the tone of an apology ""potentionally unwanted program monotone glitch external threat level low,. 
Bowing down to its level his tone still apologetic  ""Me in error priority violation you internal threat level high,,.
As he then popped the cube like an bubble ""Alan1 request track compilation error in tracking compilation abort,,.

Trons blue cube data shifted with him the smaller program cautiously shivering in fear approaching. 
When the blue with an white edge translucent disk lit up again trons expression was struggling slightly into surprised the core with stubs and eyes backed to an distance giving an sense of caution.
As in to avoid conflict he said ""Threat deactivated,, his tone as calmly as he could the new uncompleted program watched as he lay the disk flat touching the white an glance to the white now patching his form.
Typing in track and scan the new program stile shaking from it's potential dealth the new program was curious when the Like me eased when the infinite line came into view 

""Infinite line?,,. Trons relieffull registry of the monotone glitch being mimimal the secondary error was not in him at that his sad expression was more intact then his other expressions so far.
It's code levitated in the air shifting it's black and white it looked like it likely had two conflicting prioritys current activities and escape.

Trons code cubes looked like it fell down when he went and hovered to it talking to it in the sad tone he as he thought of it now

""Me scan functioning status,,. The little one looked at him then his code disintegrated heading the other direction and all most instantly his cubes was condensed into his hand in an gentle way  the blue walls of the cube was around him condensing him further.
He yelped at how uncomfortable it was tron was uncomfortable himself Alan wouldn't want him to be cruel tron couldn't locate where this information came from but tron new he was mishandling the new program.
With the most delicate scan the odd information from Alan1 told him he should just keep going with the gentle communications.

The little ones code swirled in his scanning grasp he could say the baby was struggling when he learned the words.
The sad expression was stile there given stability through his feelings it was confirmed.

The little one stopped shaking now getting the bigger program didn't wanna hurt him and was looking at him in body language he was like this again when his disk came up again.
His speed seemed to slowdown until he sore the expression he stile didn't wanna hurt him he relaxed putting his disk away.

He hovered up slitting down before drifting down again cooing ""You un developedyouundevelopedyouundeveloped,,.
In his mind Alan1 will save him it was an violation to delete programs without permission the little one floated up to him it's face swirling it's head tilted 
Tron struggled to understand why these odd instructions were not working.
The unnamed program struggled to understand the bigger programs damn mind.

The end came with them keeping an distance as tron had thought with disapproval he was close to destroying one of his priorities to keep safe and the younger one then realised the accident he just had in panic.

Black,white and grey were very fast trons nerves flared nearly pushing in to lash out when the internal registry came in for him.
He was checking what it added the apologic low tone"mmmhhhhaaa,, came next.

It was like he lagged it was an good possibility one of the things attributed to being an work In progress.

Tron looked processing questioning why did he didn't register the newly created one was hovering just above his weist when he perceived him as standing.
Alan 1 had Instructed him to have permission to act tron contemplated to avoid deleting innocent programs like he nearly did tron had the same feeling when 
Expelling loose information.

His new companion showed signs of threat standby mode attempting to make himself smaller shaking with its own simulations. He responded by internally analysing it must be worried about lack of his response so he responded
""you no threat to you,,.

His new temporary roommate made the lowsounding sound again this time more relieved it said ""like me,,.
Tron responded ""We are like Alan 1 will sort out out glitches in scheduled AM,,. 
The new one didn't  understand but was happy for no deletion what else do he do he wondered.

Author Note
I'm no programmer I just picture what words my computer has since trons undeveloped I thought he'd only know roughly the factory phrases hope I got the feeling right look up my picture of how they are like before first compilation and you'll get some idea what their like.
Also I'm wondering what else activitywise  I don't know grid timing I got things in mind I'm going to thigger out how to do it  I feel they just hang and play with each other for an bit discover ""certain things,,. And it's probably going to be an
never mind I gotta say Sorry for the wait I'm an slow writer
#Zip zap
Sorry for putting it up way more time after my DA my internet was not working