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D!E3Ø 29 October at 14:01

Fun box oh fun box
His beanie smells like vapor rub and blue cheese
D!E3Ø 29 October at 14:12 Btw my DevaintArt page is abandoned for now
DocTenebrisXII 29 October at 17:55 D!E3Ø, why abandoned??
D!E3Ø 29 October at 22:42 DocTenebrisXII, I switch it to eclipse mode and I can't post update or switch to old style Not sure if I could update browser on gen 2 iPad
DocTenebrisXII 31 October at 22:51 D!E3Ø, wow, that sucks, if you complained already to the managers of the page, I hope they solve that soon for you