MysterizMadi 25 June at 00:30

Hello, it's been awhile. Since I'm on my summer break, I'm going to try to start a Youtube channel. I'm going to start making art for it. I don't have any ideas for my first video (T_T). Does anyone have any ideas? I'm open to anything!(That isn't inappropriate). This is probably a stupid question, but I'd love to try to start my dream of being a kinda poppular Youtuber.
I already have an icon. What do you think? Have a wonderful day! ❤
Skylar 25 June at 04:37 It looks awesome! Maybe something from a minecraft roleplay series, anime, video game, or cartoon? But if you need help, maybe you could look at my channel as a reference?
MysterizMadi 25 June at 04:39 Skylar, Thank you for the suggestion.
Skylar 25 June at 05:08 MysterizMadi, Np (^w^)/